"The About Section" 

Spring City

Spring City was founded in March 2018 by bringing three artists together.

AnnielleMIAH – NOOMI

They all grew up in the small city Malmbäck. They all have their roots in the church and they have known each other since childhood. They have been singing togehter (more or less) in church and at music competitions and events in their small home town when they where young. Music has always been very imoportant for them and they all studied music in high school. After graduating they all started their own solo careers that they still run, but it was after their city asked them to do a concert together, to inspire young musicians to believe in their music and try their wings, Annielle, MIAH and NOOMI decided to record a song together. Six month later Spring City was founded and May 2018 they won the regional final of Swedens largest radio music competition P4 Nästa. And later in August they won the national competition and their song has been frequently played at Swedens largest FM Radio Channel.

Recieved fantstic reviews and been on several FM charts around Euorope and The USA.

When times get back to normal Their goals are to reach out in Europe and the USA to give concerts. They perform both as a trio and with their great band backing them up to give the full production experience.

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A singer songwriter that had a national success in Sweden 2010 when she became contender to the most famous Swedish chart ”Svensktoppen” with her summer hit song Summer Love. She have performed at the Swedish Singer Songwriter festival, written music for Theater and toured in Sweden, Norway and The USA. Annielle has a soothing soft voice that. she combines with emotional guitar playing.


Pop/Soul/Gospel – Is an educated music teacher and after leading choirs and singing a lot she decided to do her SOLO project in 2017. She has released three singles so far and the first, That's When We All Come Falling Down, came in second place in Swedens largest radio music competition. 

Her pop songs has a touch of soul and she has a strong deep voice with a fantastic vocal range.


She started her music career by studying music in The Woodlands TX at Sarah Kelly Music School where she recorded and released an album of Christian Pop. 2016 she started a new era with more electronic influences in her pop music and her song Intoxicated became one of the ten most played songs that year in Swedens largest FM Radio Channel. Noomi has a strong yet soft and emotional tone.