With our music we want to inspire, give joy and peace.

With our voices we want to pass on to you what we have been given and give you a piece of our hearts. 

We love to create music with other songwriters, it inspires and ads more color and flavor. But we also love to write our own music, to stay grounded and true to our hearts. When we colloaborate we have a close dialogue and are part of the process with feedback and opinions about everything from what words to use and instrumentation.

For us music means.....


Our journey started with “Back on our streets”. It became a tribute to our hometown, but also a tribute to family, close friends and the place you call home. It doesn’t have to be a physical place, it can be wherever you feel loved and at peace.

Our music is a indie/folk/pop fusion with some soul influences. With three unique and very different voices our harmonies create a warm and new sound.

Back On Our Streets

It's about our journey, no matter what road we’re on, it reminds us where we come from. It can both be a physical place or a state of mind. It brings up the importance of knowing where you come from to be able to move ahead and look forward. 

Had Me At Hey

Do you believe in love at first sight? We do!
This song is about the excitement of falling in love, but also realizing that you have to love and know yourself to be able to let someone else in.

By The Fire

Sometimes in life you can feel like the loneliest person in the world. Life isn’t always easy, but we believe that we’re never alone. Our xperience is that when we struggle and live trough hardship and get to the other side, we can see that we’ve been carried trough ruff seasons. 

Run Baby Run

This is a story about leaving bad things behind. Sometimes we get stuck in destructive habits, and it can be hard to find a way out. With this song we want to encourage you to take a leap of faith and give you courage to break this bad circle.

Stay Cool

This song is an encouragement to relax and have faith that everything’s gonna be alright. We just need to stay open for the opportunities that will cross our road, and take action when they do

I Long For Christmas

A heart warming Christmas tune with all the right ingredients; snow, love, family, friends, gifts, hope and faith.
In all our struggle we belive that there's a higher love wathcing over us.